Kathryn Bernardo as 1/2 of the entrants from the Philippines for FHM’s Sexy World Cup

Philippines snatched the 5th top spot in 'Sexy World Cup' as FHMconducted a "sexy" survey carried out by MissTravel to find the world’s sexiest country. The ladies representing the Philippines include Solenn Heussaff and no other than, the Teen Queen 
herself, Kathryn Bernardo. FHM admitted in an article with the
interest they have to work with the 18-year-old Star Magic
artist even before she turned to legal age. Bernardo is the
youngest among the entrants and is the least to show skin.
Still, she managed to climb up the 5th spot. Bernardo once
said that it is her dream to become a VS angel. We might get to see her show some skin in the near future as she continues to
grow into a beautiful woman. (x)


Walang Iba by Daniel Padilla | listen here (x)

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Hold on to her tight and never let her go.

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Mga ano niya yan, mga supporters niya.”

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Gaga ka talaga haha - yhxmcm

tse nicole


so i’ve been ranting on twitter how horrible bae’s shades are

and i’ve grown enough of it ((srsly i want to throw it into the ocean))

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Heart beats fast… beauty in all she is…

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There’s something in the way you look at me… It’s as if my heart knows you’re the missing piece.

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Title: UnknownTill I Met You
Artist: UnknownAngeline Quinto
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After years of waiting, seeing what you’ve become now— from my gangster, into a man and now, a father. It was all worth it.

"May pa-I miss you, see you soon pa. Parang slow mo… miss you, see you soon." -Jane

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